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TSUSA has redefined the U.S College Recruitment process and offers a service which surpasses everything else on the market. TSUSA provides services which span the entirety of an athletes career, from assistance with GCSE choices to career services upon graduation from university.

The team at TSUSA provides a total package to make sure the athlete reaches their optimum ability athletically and academically, not only before college, but during and after college also. Every athlete is looked after on an individual basis and will have access to countless services and resources beyond those normally associated with college recruiting.

This is a service like no other, offering unlimited opportunities for all of our athletes. 

Pro+ Package


  • Video Profile
  • Professionally Filmed – We come to you when it’s convenient for you
  • Professionally Edited – 10 day turn around, includes a full edit and ‘Burst’ launch video
  • Published Online – Professional profile where coaches can contact you directly
  • Pre-College Services
  • ITF tournament bases – Access our network of European academies and travel to ITF’s with a local coach
  • European Training  – Why not have a week on the clay in Europe with a bespoke training and accommodation package
  • S&C/Nutrition Support – Use one of our experts to create a personalised plan to help you reach your goals
  • Academic Guidance – We have a team of academic professionals who can guide you through GCSE and A Level years
  • Tournament Visits – Need tournament support to help you reach goals? We can do that!
  • Recruitment Service
  • Personal Consultant – Someone you have met personally and knows your requirements
  • Personal Recruitment Plan – Everyone has individual needs so a recruitment plan shouldn’t be the same
  • Bespoke College Marketing – Personal approaches and no mass marketing
  • SAT Assessment and practice papers – Official practice papers and chance to have a real test evaluated professionally
  • Private SAT Tuition – In-House SAT professional to help boost your score
  • Professional Aftercare – Need assistance while you are out there? We are there for you!

  • Resources
  • Step-by-step guide to recruiting – Stay on track with a personal timeline
  • College Analysis – Nearest airport? Big city? Strong academics? Leave it to us! 
  • Visa Assistance – Let us help you through the steps to make it as easy as possible
  • Travel insurance – We provide the most comprehensive cover for the best price available
  • Currency Exchange – We can provide Zero Commission rates for everyone
  • Post-College Service
  • Careers Service – Advice from professionals across all industries
  • Internships – We work with various sports companies who offer internships
  • Coaching Jobs – We can help you find a summer job or full time position
  • Professional Management – Fancy going pro after college? Let us know and we can help!